Features of Digital Eye Chart

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List of Features

  • New! Metric Chart (6/6)
  • New! Hot Keys. Control the charts with your keyboard.
  • Standard Snellen chart
  • Easy control through windows interface.
  • Adjustable to variable view distance
  • Isolate single letters or rows
  • Select multiple rows
  • Vertical eye chart - single column of various acuity levels
  • Adjustable contrast to suit doctors preference and lighting levels
  • Option to mask visible letter or row(s) with black surroundings to simulate projector masking.
  • Chart types: letters, numbers, pictures, rolling E's and rolling C's.
  • Randomize chart.
  • NEW - Contrast Sensitivity
  • NEW - Variable Acuity Single Letter
  • Other Charts: Fixation, Fixation Disparity, Four dot, and Astigmatism.
  • Slide show for promotional, educational, and entertainment material.
  • Reflect chart for use with mirror
  • Red/Green Charts

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