System Requirements

Laptop or Desktop connects to secondary monitor viewed by the patient. Illustration below shows the simple setup with wireless or cable connection to the monitor. For photos of actual examination rooms Click here. For pdf of illustration Click here.
First choose the appropriate size monitor for your lane length. Optimal choice of monitor depends on the length of your lane. Click for pdf.
A computer system that fits all of your needs is dependant on your individual needs. Below is a simple decision chart to help you decide. Note: the wireless option makes it easy for you to use an existing Desktop that does not currently support a second monitor. We will help you choose or prepackage an affordable system to complement our software Call for suggestions or a quote on a full system (additional shipping charges will be applied). Click for a pdf.
Finally, you can choose the way you control the interface. Via the intuitive graphical user interface using a mouse or tablet stylus, via hot keys on the keyboad, or with our easy to use RF remote control.
  • Even easier now. Our new economical wireless video option eliminates the VGA cable and makes upgrading from your desktop PC even eaiser. Stay tuned for details or call if you want to here about it now. Below is the classic hardware setup. Several other configurations are now available with wireless VGA.
  • The hardware to create the system is easy! Most laptops have an external video port that will support the chart monitor your patients view. So, simply, add a cable and lcd monitor to your laptop and you are ready to go. Some desktop computers also support two monitors. If yours does not a basic video card can be added to your system. Or run our software in single monitor mode using hotkeys or our inexpensive remote control (see details below).
  • Computer with video adapter capable of extending the desktop to a secondary monitor. Many laptops and tablets have this feature built in. A desktop with dual monitor video card will work as well. To check if your computer or a computer you are considering is capable, click here for instructions for checking the display options. Note: single monitor computers are now supported (See FAQ for details).
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (Please let us know if you desire to run on other platforms with enough demand we are willing to provide products on other browsers and/or operating systems). Software has been installed and tested on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
  • A flat screen LCD monitor with minimum 96x96 dots per inch. (17 inch 1280 x 1024 minimum recommended). See our frequently asked questions and the above table for the answer to: Is a bigger monitor better?
  • A high quality video cable to extend from computer to wall mounted.

Suggested Hardware


The following hardware has been installed and is operating in a licensed optometry office. does not endorse specific hardware but will inform potential customers of current successfully installed systems. Call us with your questions.


Numerous laptops and desktop systems have been used. We will advise you but the needs of other applications you wish to run are more likely to drive your requirements (such as electronic medical records software). Give us a call.


Numerous makers, models and sizes have been installed. Call us and we can advise you.


100 x 100 mm wall mount bracket: AXSYS model AXFL01-S.

Cable 10H1-20150 HD15(SVGA)Male/HD15(SVGA)Male 50 feet cable. Available in other lengths.

Installation of cable can be through walls and/or ceilings depending on your office setup and tenant arrangement. Alternatively, you can use cable ways by a supplier like Black Box to disguise your cables.

For cleaner solution go wireless. For details on our wireless option (about $250 U.S.) give us a call.

Remote Control Key-pad Options:

    Here are two that have been tested. Others are available at your local electronics stores (Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc).
  • Targus model: AKP01US. Was available in our local Staples October 21, 2007. others available online
  • Logitech Cordless Number Pad for Notebooks. Information Online Will work from anywhere in your examination room.
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