The Digital Eye Chart is very affordable usually several hundred dollars less than our comptetitors. To get a price quote please contact Heidi at (208)520-4292 or email her at

For distributor or international prices, please call Brain Thomas at (215)284-9131

Click here to see a flow chart of how to determine what hardware you will need in addition to a LCD monitor, wall bracket and cable. If you have a computer in your examination lane the cost goes way low.

Please call if you would like us to quote a full system (computer, monitor, and software). Or save some money on shipping and shop local. Shop around for LCD flat panel monitors and laptops. Prices have fallen dramatically in the past years. We encourage you to chose the computer, monitor and cable that fit the individual needs and budget of your office. We are happy to advise you on your choice of hardware. See System Requirements and Recommendations.

Call for prices on same office or same doctor multi-lane discounts.


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