Hot Keys

You can control what your patient sees using your keyboard. By pressing different letters/arrow keys you can change the type of chart, move from one row to another, randomize and many other functions. PDF Hotkey list-click here. Or see the layout of the wireless keypad extension hot keys cheat sheet. Use Hot keys to run a single monitor computer setup.


List of Hot Keys

  • Switch between charts:
    • "s" standard multi-line chart
    • "r" red/green chart
    • "v" variable low vision chart
    • "t" contrast sensitivity chart
    • "d" four dot test
    • "f" fixation dot
    • "g" animated fixation dot
    • "a" astigmatism chart
    • "w" slide show
  • Change letters (optotyps) on symbol charts
    • "l" letters
    • "n" numbers
    • "p" pictures
    • "e" tumbling E's
    • "c" rolling C's
    • "space bar" randomize current type
  • All Charts
    • "b" blanks or unblanks screen (darkens screen)
  • Keys for multi-line charts (standard, red/green, contrast)
    • "Home Key" show all rows
    • "End Key" clear all rows
    • "Up Arrow Key" increase acuity row selected
    • "Down Arrow Key" decrease acuity row selected
    • "m" mask selected item(s) (dark screen around row or single character)
  • Adjust Contrast on Sensitivity Chart
    • "PgUp Key" increase middle row by 5%
    • "PgDown Key" decrease middle row by 5%
  • Low Vision Single Letter Chart
    • "Up/Down Arrows" increase/decrease acuity level by 10%
    • "PgUp/Pg Donw" increase/decrease acuity level by 50%

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