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Digital Eye Chart shown in an examination lane

Put mouse cursor over the eye chart of tablet PC on the desk in the image above to see more details.

Discover the affordable featured packed computer based acuity chart that eye doctors across North America, are using in their practices-- big and small. Run your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on the same computer and save significantly on the cost to equip your modern exam room. Digital Eye Chart makes that possible by controlling your acuity chart from the easy, intuitive computer control panel OR an optional wireless remote control , allowing you to easily toggle to your EMR (TIP: hold <ALT> key down and press <TAB> to quickly switch between EMR and eye chart).

Key Advantages of Digital Eye Chart:

  • Brighter, crisper, higher contrast, less jitter than your projector (Try it: Click here to get a sample screen to view. Place your laptop on a chair near the mirror your patient views and compare to your projector.)
    • Test in higher ambient light.
    • Higher patient confidence in new correction.
    • No focusing! No bulbs!
    • Easy accurate calibration.
  • Dynamic, configurable, and easy:
    • Randomize with one click.
    • Letters, Numbers, Tumbling E's, Rolling C's and Pictures
    • Upgrade (free upgrades for 1 year)
    • Inexpensive wireless remote option is now available.
    • Check patient responses without squinting or reading a mirrored image--the user interface is right in front of you.
  • Lower Cost:
    • Run on same computer as Electronic Medical Records and Educational Software.
    • Computer + Monitor + Software less than $2000 U.S. (much less if you already have a computer in your examination room).
    • Deep multi-lane discounts make Digital Eye Chart ideal for large practices. Consider adding Digital Eye Chart to your pre-examination room. Call for details.
  • Charts:
    • Standard Acuity
    • Logarithmic Based Charts
    • Red/Green
    • Low Vision Acuity
    • Contrast Sensitivity
    • Astigmatism
    • Four Dot
    • Fixation Dot
    • Animated Fixation Dot
    • Customizable slide show (entertain, educate, and/or advertise).
    • More coming soon!
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Five Reasons to Choose Our Radio Frequency remote instead of an Infrared (TV-like) remote: 1. No pointing ... click for more .

Email Heidi atsales@digitaleyechart.com

Choose the letters (lower and upper case), number and pictures you want to use in your tests. Our latest version lets you print out your own cards of your choices for use with children, challenged or illiterate patients. Check with your accountant for possible ADA Tax Credit. Click here to see details of this and other features of Digital Eye Chart.

Now available Logarithmic based acuity levels on basic LogMar chart and variable single letter chart.

Need a different chart?

Just ask!

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